“Hail to the Dragon Slayer”

Hail to Dragon Slayer

By: Arthur A. “Buddy” Lemann III

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Book Description

Hail to the Dragon Slayer, Arthur A. “Buddy” Lemann, III’s highly anticipated memoir, chronicles some of his most compelling and publicized clients and cases from alleged Mafia Don Carlos Marcello to Dino Cinel, a former priest involved in a pornography scandal. Lemann adds the picturesque backdrop of a lovingly detailed account of his childhood in rural South Louisiana to an entertaining, sometimes disturbingly funny true crime narrative. Hail to the Dragon Slayer will appeal to lawyers and people in law enforcement and the administration of criminal justice, fans of true crime and pulp fiction, persons interested in the far-flung reaches of the Jewish diaspora, and cognoscenti of the Southern literary tradition.


“Buddy Lemann’s Hail to the Dragon Slayer reveals the drama and power of the day to day practice of criminal law. Stakes this high – freedom, incarceration, and even life itself – require a cool head, a passionate heart, and a nimble mind. Buddy has all three, plus the ability to recount these tales in a compelling and readable book.” (Gerry Spence)

“Hail to the Dragon Slayer is a masterfully written brief in support of my decision not to practice law. Buddy’s flair, personality and ability are convincingly portrayed in this real-life drama. Who need pulp fiction when you can read Hail to the Dragon Slayer.” (James Carville)

“If Huck Finn had grown up to be a criminal defense attorney, he’d sound a lot like Arthur Lemann III. Part coming-of-age memoir, part legal thriller, Hail to the Dragon Slayer is a tale of truth and showmanship, humor and insight, in the unmistakable voice of a legendary Louisiana lawyer and born storyteller.” (Sheila Bosworth)

Click here to buy “Hail to the Dragon Slayer” by Arthur A.”Buddy” Lemann, III.

Official Website: www.alemannlaw.com


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